Siskiyou Music Project needs your help to raise money to purchase the Mason & Hamlin Piano which has been part of the Old Siskiyou Barn for over 25 years!

The owners of the piano, who have generously allowed us to use this amazing instrument for many years have decided to sell it. We now need to raise $25,000 by the end of the year to purchase it so it remains part of the Old Siskiyou Barn experience.

This piano has an appraised value of $50,000 and a brand new one retails for $135,000!

Here’s how you can help:

Buy a key for $250

Buy an interval (two notes) for $500

Buy a triad (three notes) for $750

Buy a chord for $1,000

Save the Mason & Hamlin

Your donation is tax deductible and will help ensure many more fantastic evenings of piano music at the Old Siskiyou Barn.

Purchase a key (or keys) and we will put your name on our piano count down! Your contribution will be acknowledged on our piano count down board and a plaque that will accompany this remarkable instrument in perpetuity.

Mason & Hamlin Fundraising Progress

Here are some quotes about the Mason & Hamlin Piano

I have often heard great pianists talk about how certain pianos would “speak” to them.  I never really understood this until I first played this particular piano.  From the first encounter, I felt a special connection to this Mason & Hamlin concert grand.  There is something about that instrument in that space that felt magical to me.  I know that audiences felt it too.  I hope that others have the opportunity to experience its magic for many years to come. 

Darrell Grant
Jazz Pianist & Composer
Associate Director/Professor of Music, Portland State University

Playing in a duo setting with piano and flute requires an excellent piano. The middle range of the piano must be able to be played in unison with flute without clashing due to intonation or sound quality. Not only does the Siskiyou Barn Mason and Hamlin maintain it’s tuning throughout a demanding concert, it rings beautifully in every register! We so look forward to performing at the Barn each time, because after years of working on our music, the chance to perform it in an ideal setting with an exceptional piano is a very special treat.”  Holly Hofmann

“The Old Siskiyou Barn Mason & Hamlin is one of the best grands I’ve encountered in working around the country and abroad in recent years. I’m always particularly impressed with the consistently regulated action and evenness of this instrument’s keyboard. A total pleasure to play!”
Mike Wofford, jazz pianist.