Incendio show is Sold Out!!

Jazz In The Vineyard

Saturday, December 14, 7 pm

Paschal Winery, Talent

Saturdays show is sold out. Please call or email to be added to the wait list.

The Siskiyou Music Project final concert for the fall season features the instrumental world music group Incendio at Paschal Winery.
An exotic melody accompanies a desert caravan moving beneath a blazing sun. The sound of waves wash against a pristine South
American beach. A lone flamenco guitar echoes through the cobbled streets of old Sevilla. And a lilting three quarter time rhythm conjures
images of the rolling green hills of Ireland. The music is cinema. It is sound given shape and color. This is the music of Incendio.

With 2013 comes several milestones for the band: Incendio’s first significant release in four years, as well as their
inclusion on Baja Records’ Guitar Greats III. On the latter, they are featured alongside award winning artists such as Jesse Cook, Armik
and Luis Villegas. The former is their new studio album – The Shape of Dreams.

The Shape of Dreams is Incendio’s eighth release and first full band studio album since 2006’s Seduction. On this project, the band
continues its sonic exploration into the realms of instrumental world fusion. The new album harkens back to the sound of their 2002
Billboard Magazine-charting release Illumination, but with a maturity and span that Illumination only hinted at.
Incendio, simply put, is instrumental world music. The primary “voice” of the band is the guitar, but to say the music of Incendio is
solely guitar music would be an oversimplification. The guitar is certainly present, but other instruments such as the mandolin,
bouzouki, violin, Celtic harp, piano, bass, synthesizer and various ethnic percussion instruments play a huge role in the ensemble’s
sound. American musicologist Donald Grout is credited as saying that only instrumental music, which is “pure music free from the
burden of words”, can convey the deepest emotions of the composer. And for this reason, the evocative titles of the songs are
very much there to help shape or guide the listener’s experience.

Incendio: The Shape of Dreams Tour

Incendio: The Shape of Dreams Tour